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Epoxy Curing Agent, DDM-70

Mol No.: 357

Mat no.1000302


4,4'-MDA 70

Epoxy Curing Agent

Mixture of 4,4-MDA and polyamino polyphenyl Methylmethane

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Product Details

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Product Specification

Appearance: White or light yellow flake solid

Initial melting point, ℃≥ 60

4,4 '- MDA: 65-75% 

The structural formula of its main components is:

The molecular weight is 198.26 and it is white or light yellow solid at room temperature.

Main Application

DDM is an important chemical intermediate, which is mainly used for chain extender of polyurethane elastomer, epoxy resin curing agent, floor paint, battery adhesive, electronic potting adhesive, heavy-duty anti-corrosion coating, especially suitable for potting and pouring of large parts. The products have high crosslinking density and excellent performance. The above products synthesized by DDM have excellent mechanical properties, corrosion resistance, insulation, high temperature resistance, radiation resistance and wear resistance.


25kg / bag, 500kg / bag

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