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DDM-60 Epoxy Crosslinking Agent CAS No 101-77-9

Mol No.: 356

Mat no.1000303


Mixture of 4,4-MDA and polyamino polyphenyl Methylmethane

Epoxy Curing Agent

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Product Details

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Product Specification

Appearance: white or light yellow liquid or semi-solid

Viscosity (40℃): 3000-5000mpa s

4,4-MDA content: 55-65%

Main Application

DDM-60 is an important chemical intermediate, which is widely used in the preparation of floor paint, battery glue, electronic potting adhesive, curing agent of epoxy resin and chain extender of polyurethane elastomer.DDM-60, soluble in most organic solvents. It is mainly used in the preparation of MDI series products, but also a large number of cross-linking agents used in epoxy resin series products. Due to the adjustable curing time, it is especially suitable for potting and pouring of large parts, with high degree of cross-linking and excellent performance.


200kg / barrel

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