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DDM-SA Epoxy Curing Agent

Mol No.: 353

Mat no.: 10003006


Epoxy curing agent

Mixture of polyamino polyphenyl methane and salicylic acid

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Product Details

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Product Specification

Appearance red / crimson liquid

Viscosity (40℃): 1000-2000 mpas

MDA content ≥ 40%

Salicylic acid 8% - 10%

Main Application

The product is widely used to prepare epoxy floor primer curing agent and electronic potting adhesive. It contains salicylic acid, which eliminates the process of adding additional accelerator and heating and melting in the actual application process, which greatly facilitates the use of downstream. Customers can add solvent to dilute directly, or use it in combination with other curing agents.


200kg / barrel

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