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Light Yellow Powder Optical Brightener DMS 393 Purity 99%

Mol No.: 410
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Product Details

Mat no.10010018 Fluorescent Brightener DMS CAS No.16090-02-1 Light yellow Powder Purity≥99%

Fluorescent Brightener DMS Basic Information

English name Fluorescent Brightener DMS
English synonyms Fluorescent brightener 71
CAS number 16090-02-1
Molecular formula C40H38N12Na2O8S2
Molecular weight eight:924.91486

Fluorescent Brightener DMS Properties

Melting point >270 °C
Storage temperature Keep in a cool, dry, dark place in an airtight container or tank. Keep away from incompatible materials, sources of ignition and untrained people. Security label area. Protect the container/cylinder from physical damage.

Fluorescent Brightener DMS Usage and Synthesis Method

use Suitable for whitening cotton, polyester-cotton blended fabrics and other cotton blended fabrics

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