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Reversible Thermochromic Pigment

Mol No.: 458

Code: 67644

CAS No.: 787665-9877

Mat No.: M8788-098

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Product Details

CW-G Temperature Activated Reversible Thermochromic Pigment Color Changing Powder GREEN at -5~70℃

Product parameters

Product name Reversible Thermochromic Pigment
Brand Moltec
Product Code CW-G


Appearance Powder
Temperature change form Green to Colorless
Discoloration principle Color development at low temperature, colorless at high temperature
Temperature range -5°C~70°C
Characteristic Bright colors, fast temperature sensing, high sensitivity
Use Solvent-based coatings, inks, plastic injection, extrusion, etc.

Product Features

1. It can change color with the change of temperature. Green at low temperature. When the temperature rises, the color disappears and becomes colorless. After cooling, it can return to green. Because it can change color repeatedly, it is called reversible. Thermochromic pigment.

2. Moltec temperature change pigment is simple to use and has a wide range of applications. It can be used in many fields such as water-based/oil-based printing inks, water-based/oil-based coatings, plastics and plastics, such as: plastic injection, plastic extrusion, ceramic mugs, textile printing and dyeing, advertising Promotional materials, children's toys, plastic soft spoons, heat-relieving stickers, heat transfer stickers, printed products, etc.

Moltec reversible thermochromic pigment is a thermochromic material prepared by a new type of coating technology. Its interior is a thermochromic pigment, and the exterior is covered with a transparent coating that is difficult to dissolve. The thermochromic pigment is very sensitive to the external environment. Therefore, the use of micro-encapsulation technology enhances the stability and durability of the temperature change of the pigment, and protects the temperature change pigment from the erosion of other chemicals. Therefore, it is very important to avoid damaging this coating during processing.

3.The reversible thermochromic pigment will change color with the change of temperature (color change temperature range: -5~70℃). When heated, the structure of the internal substance changes and the color changes. When cold, the internal substance of the color change pigment recovers. The original structure is thus restored to its original color, which is reversible repeatedly. In fact, the color change temperature of thermochromic pigments is not a temperature point, but a temperature range, that is, the temperature range included from the start of the color change to the end of the color change. Different temperature control factors can be selected by different temperature control factors. A temperature-sensitive pigment that changes color at intervals.

There are many types of temperature change pigments, and the temperature range of color change can also be adjusted. Different series of temperature sensitive pigments can match and match colors with each other, so more colorful colors can be obtained, so as to produce various colors and at different temperatures. A gorgeous product that discolors underneath.

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