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Molcure C322 CAS 71786-70-4 Cationic Photoinitiator Powder Purity 98% EINECS 404-420-9

Mol No.: 333
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Mat no.10018007 Molcure C322 Cationic Photoinitiator HRcure-9388 High Quality White Crystal Powder Purity≥98%

Basic information of Bis(4-dodecylphenyl)iodonium hexaflurorantimonate

CAS No. 71786-70-4
Molecular formula C36H58F6ISb
Molecular weight 853.51
EINECS number 404-420-9
Synonyms bis(4-dodecylphenyl)iodonium(oc-6-11)-hexafluoroantimonate;bis(4-Dodecylphenyl)iodoniumhexaflurorantimonate;Bis(4-dodecylphenyl)iodonium·hexaChemicalbookfluorostibinate(V);HRcure-9387;bis(4-dodecylphenyl)iodoniumhexafluoroantimonate;bis(4-dodecylphenyl)iodanium,hexafluoroantimony(1-);71786-70-4

Bis(4-dodecylphenyl)iodonium hexaflurorantimonate properties

Melting point N/A
Color White
Form Crystal Powder
Storage The room temperature
PSA 252.76

Application and synthesis method of Bis(4-dodecylphenyl)iodonium hexaflurorantimonate

Application It is an important raw material and intermediate used in organic synthesis, pharmaceuticals,agrochemicals and dyestuff.

Security Information

Dangerous Goods Sign Xi
Hazard category code 43-52/53
safety instructions 24-37-61

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